Monday, October 15, 2012


It was a fun weekend as my friends and I exhibited our artwork for the first time. A good starter convention for us was the Alternative Press Expo (A.P.E.) in San Francisco. While it was really six individuals getting two tables, we did exhibit under the Bay Area Sequential Artists (B.A.S.A.) name and sold the BASA anthology.

Here are some photos from Sunday at the con....

Callie Flores writes Hi.

BASA member and supporter DVC instructor Arthur King.

My art work sale.

More of my art for sale.

Fellow artist Nick Pino.

Last minute helper Josephine Fealy. She also got a tastes of things because next time she moves up from helper to art exhibitor.

Just a small part of the exhibitor's room.

Josephine's mom, Linda, and myself spent some time talking upstairs and just watching the group from above.

Steven Yu thinking about Pamela Anderson?

Art Mom Linda Fealy.

Tim Tam was picking my brain for artists I liked and, based on my raving about Mark Schultz's work, went down to his booth, bought his book, and had him sign it.

Our anthology for sale, which did really really good.

 Nick Pino and Tracy Miller. Tracy had experience working retail for Comic Relief years ago and, as a result, absolutely killed it with the social game of selling at the con.

One of the "3 Dyps", Steven Yu, acting goofy.

Our group patron and artist in his own right Tim Tam. He kept us fed all weekend. Dang, we had some great helpers this weekend.

Artist Colette Woods, whom I sat next to for the weekend. She's like half my size too.

The group in action.

Josephine's mom Linda dropped by so we really had another helper.

Fellow editor, artist, and organizer Callie Flores and her amazing art. Callie, you are the BEST!!!!


  1. Nick's face in the first picture is cracking me up really hard for some reason...

  2. There is a story behind that but I'll let Nick tell it.

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